A flock of Southdown sheep

Date Published: July 28, 2021

A New flock of Southdown sheep have arrived at Starlings. Sackville Road  Bexhill East Sussex   I designed and created them to celebrate the now almost forgotten Sussex wool industry.

Historically this British sheep is considered one of the most important breed.  Originally sheep were bred for their wool particularly in the Middle Ages.  Hence  Many of our Sussex public houses are called the the Lamb, the Fleece, The Woolpack, Shepherd and Dog, plus smugglers Inn.    The Southdown Sheep is considered to provide high quality fleeces  that were exported  and during the 100 year war smuggled to France.    Today the sheep are valued for their fleece, meat and improving the livestock of other sheep.   It is the oldest of the Down sheep.  


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Hi, I’m Valerie

I live in a rural market town in East Sussex, close to both the South Downs and the coast. I am a felt artist and I love making and teaching.  Find out more on my About Me page

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