Future exhibitions and shows

As lockdown comes to an end and plans can begin to be made, I have tentative arrangements to exhibit at various craft shows and exhibitions in East Sussex.  These include participating in Art Wave in September, Hailsham Festival Virtual  Art Trail  and Christmas events.   Updates will be  posted as they become confirmed. Please check back or use the contact me to request more information 

Needle Felt Kits

The 2021 theme is Our Coast and available kits are:

Mr Chips – Seagull

Mr McPuffin – Puffin

Mr W Conqueror – Seal

All my felt kits have been tried and tested prior to being offered for sale.  They can be purchased with materials, tools and instructions or without tools They are designed for beginners and improvers.

Please contact me to place an order.

Full Kit £22.50

Kit no tools £15.00

Dippy Doodahs

Dippy Doodahs

52 High Street, Hailsham, BN27 1AN.  Tel: 01323 843014

The only High Street outlet in Hailsham where you can purchase locally handmade crafts. As well as being a small shop it is also a popular cafe and meeting place for local crafters and artists. Dippy Doodahs hosts regular craft classes led by qualified tutors . The handmade items include a range of woodwork, textiles , ceramics and fused glass. My popular teddy bears are always in stock.

Soap in flannel

By using soap in a flannel, you are supporting the Campaign for wool, the British sheep farming industry, including those who keep rare breeds, the British wool manufacturing and retail industry, The English soap manufacturing and retail industry and an artisan.  Plus, as the soap is made with sustainable palm oil you are helping to preserve the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia. Orangutan numbers in Borneo have more than halved between 1999 -2015 as their habitat is destroyed due to the expansion of palm oil plantations.
Wool takes a short time t0 biodegrade in soil, adding nutrients back to the earth, more recent studies have shown that wool also biodegrades in the ocean and water, and so does not impact the planet with microfibre and plastic pollution It takes about five times more energy to produce liquid soap; liquid soap requires more plastic packaging, as it contains water it is heavier to transport than soap bars and therefore has a larger carbon footprint and usually contains petroleum.  Simple soaps also contain less chemicals and preservatives.  As sheep reproduce fleece the wool is renewable.Wool gently exfoliates your skin and the wool around the soap helps prolong the life of the soap. So, it lasts longer! Felted Soap is also a lot easier to hold than a slippery bar of soap and the wool has antibacterial properties.