Wearable Felt

Summer Shawl

Summer Shawl

I make these shawls using Tussah silk hankies, which I laid out over the full length and width of my table. Next
merino wool is added followed by Blueface Leicester and Wensleydale locks,, plus mulberry silk. Once the laying out is completed I damped the shawl and leave it overnight to let the scales on the wool open ready for the felting process. This involves rubbing the shawl with a homemade olive oil soap solution. This helps the wool begin to bind together, one the materials become a fabric I then roll it up and roll it back and forth about 800 hundred times.
It is then laid out on the table and checked that all the fibres have felted/ locked together followed by gently fulling it.

Nuno Merino Neck Cowls

As the seasons change and you begin to feel the arrival of autumn, these handmade cowls are a must-have accessory. A versatile design which is worn as a head or neck warmer. The fibres vary in each cowl. They are made with Merino fibres, hand dyed silk, embellished with locks, alpaca fibre, tussah, mulberry silks cotton and wool yarns.

Hi, I’m Valerie

I live in a rural market town in East Sussex, close to both the South Downs and the coast. I am a felt artist and I love making and teaching.  Find out more on my About Me page